"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to

those who prepare for it today." This Dynamic new resource helps

parents prepare their children to be tomorrow's success stories!

**Unleash Educational Excellence**

"Ensure Your Child's Success in School and Life!"

“Unleash Educational Excellence” is a parental guidebook with strategies for parents to help children on a life-long educational journey for success. This dynamic resource includes general parenting guidelines as well as difficult parenting paradigms to include non-resident father parenting, divorced or single home parenting, special needs parenting, and foster care parenting. Endorsed by a clinical counseling professional and a long tenured school social worker, “Unleash” has proven strategies that will serve as life-long lessons for success in a child’s school journey, to strengthen the family dynamic, and ensure a success mindset throughout the child’s life.

Experiential education is a popular strategy in today's area of academic research. It is defined as a teaching philosophy whereby educators purposefully involve students in hands-on experiences and subsequent reflections in order to maximize learning and knowledge engagement in the classroom. The strategies in Unleash are the critical elements to the foundation of the experiential education philosophy. Educators cannot effectively facilitate experiential education without the fundamentals that a parent teaches at home, and without the parent being intrinsically engaged in the experiential learning process.

The Educational Excellence Trifecta - Parent/Child/Teacher

A child’s success in life begins with how seriously they engage in the educational process. That foundation is strengthened or weakened by how seriously parents engage in the journey. Educational research consistently supports that children who embrace education as a critical process in their young lives and master homework strategies are maximally positioned to excel in school and consistently do well in other endeavors that they seek to achieve. 

It is the influence of the parent or other parental / guardian figure in the home that determines how a child views education and how seriously they take the educational process. A diligent parent must ensure a strong foundation to the Educational Excellence Trifecta (EET) through alignment with educators in order to create a path of long-term success for their child. A resource to help parents maneuver the path of helping children engage in school and maximize every learning opportunity would be an invaluable resource to laying a foundation of success. “Unleash Educational Excellence” is that resource.

What Every Parent Needs to Help Their Child Succeed!

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