Life Coaching

In her life coaching services, Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson, the Destiny DIVA, offers two dynamic life coaching tracks: leadership coaching and personal development coaching.

In leadership coaching, she assists leaders who seek to empower employees to maximum performance, productivity, and engagement.

In personal development coaching, she works with individuals seeking to live authentically and fulfill their destiny to live successful, productive lives.

As a leadership coach, the Destiny DIVA works with various organizational venues to include small businesses, corporate entities, healthcare agencies, and government agencies.

  • Brenetia helps senior decision makers identify the leadership potential and capacity in their potential leaders to help take their business to the next level by providing assessment strategies to identify leadership competencies, assess strengths and weaknesses through SWOT and other assessment tools.
  • She works with executives to help ensure they have the capacity and competencies to maximize emotional intelligence, relationship management, mental modelling, and critical decision making, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of leadership excellence.
  • She conducts team coaching to help teams build a strong foundation to perform as high performing tools to position the organization to compete in the global marketplace.

As a personal development coach, the Destiny DIVA works with individuals to position them to live joy-filled lives to pursue their destiny.

  • Brenetia helps individuals progress past the negativity of life traumas to live purposeful, hope-
  • filled lives, embracing their authenticity and intrinsic value to live their dreams.
  • She helps individuals evaluate where they are, how they got there, where they want to be, and the best strategy to chart the path to success.

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